Monday, November 28, 2011

My two new favorite works of art

In no particular order (I love them both equally!):

Hazy was suddenly inspired to draw this one day, apparently, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to be the recipient of such an ambitious and optimistic world view. Note: The dog is not only walking his human on a beautiful day, on a planet where the sun wears sunglasses (of course!), he is also simultaneously reading the paper and enjoying a hot cup of joe while he's at it. Impressive.

Yes, I asked Henry and Hazy to draw self-portraits again. How can I resist, when I'm sure to get results like this? Henry is indeed at the age where a wry smile is where it's at. Man. I miss those guys so much already, and they only left yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Oh I miss them too!!! Such bundles of joy. Love the drawings. xxE

Brook Meinhardt said...

yesssss! you get the best work out of them it's crazy how you inspire them!!! We miss you too...

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Real creative!! :) Just happened to see ur blog.Found it interesting. So read on.

I'd like you to visit my blog too. Hope you like it.:)

Luv & Light to you always

Jadina said...

They seem very artistic haha!