Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Custom-made bunny

Here's another weird glove doll, made by request for a little lady in L.A. named Ruby whose favorite color'll never be able to guess this, so I'll just tell you: pink.

Ruby OK'd these lovely moisturizing gloves from this picture on Ebay:

And this was the result:

Let's take a closer look. She had a button nose at first but that made her look too much like a pig with strangely long ears, so I swapped it out for a couple stitches. I'm not sure it worked, but it does seem like a step in the more rabbit-y direction, at least.

Here she is rehearsing for the rapt conversations she's sure to have with Ruby's other dolls:

I hope they all get along! I wonder if, amongst all the other dolls, it'll be a thing of pride to have been made from a pair of gloves, or an embarrassing secret that should be kept from the others at all costs.


Jen V. G said...

perfect bunny!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The colorblock outfit is very trendy!!! very cute.

Brook Meinhardt said...

BUNNY! awesomeness once the dress!!
actually love the pics of the animals you make...they look so good on the grey sofa..part of a tribe
must be hard to see them split up and leave your comfy apartment! Hazel still loves the one you made her!

Beтz. said...

My God! Beautiful :)

Hanni (Ostereistedt) said...

Funny Idea. In german that is called a Osterhase.

Hanni (Ostereistedt) said...

Hi. Since I like your Bunny so much, I posted your link to Cartoon Blog by Cartoonboerse. lustiger Osterhase by Taka.